Other Resources

Xerces Society: Western Freshwater Mussels A directory of information on the subject with links to IUCN profiles, guides, and resources.

Xerces Society Mussels Restoration Guide

The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation’s Freshwater Mussel Program

Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society (FMCS): https://molluskconservation.org/index.html

Western Ridged Mussel Petition for Listing: https://xerces.org/press/endangered-species-act-protection-sought-for-western-ridged-mussel

USFWS National Conservation Training Center Freshwater Mussel Webinar Series: https://fws.gov/freshwater-mussel-conservation-webinar-series

Common and Scientific Names of Freshwater Mollusks 2020  The Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society (FMCS) maintains lists of common and scientific names of  native freshwater gastropods and bivalves of the United States and Canada. The lists maintained by FMCS serve as a consensus of accepted names and are a resource for conservation practitioners, hobbyists, scientists, and the public.

Unio Gallery, Missouri State University photographs and videos intended to encourage interest in the freshwater pearly mussels (Unionoida) and  promote the conservation of endangered species.

Aquatic Epidemiology and Conservation Laboratory, NC State University The AECL embraces the disciplines of aquatic animal epidemiology, conservation biology, ecology, microbial genetics, and veterinary medicine to understand and preserve our natural aquatic heritage. Their website contains a wealth of general information and media related to freshwater mussels.

Illinois Natural History Survey Mollusk Collection The Illinois Natural History Survey Mollusk Collection contains over 190,000 catalogued specimens in nearly 50,000 lots, most of which were collected in Illinois and the southeastern United States. The collection is about 95% freshwater bivalves and gastropods.  The Illinois Natural History Survey also hosts the Freshwater Mussel Host Database.

Freshwater Mussels of the Upper Mississippi River System USFWS information on the species of the Upper Mississippi River System.

Mussel Mania: How Streamflow Affects Freshwater Mussels Over Long Periods of Time An article from the Freshwater Natural Inquirer, vol. 18, No. 1

Russell the Mussel, 2002, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University An illustrated storybook for young readers.

Other Resources In print

  • Freshwater Sphaerium Clams of North America, Burch 1972
  • Freshwater Unionacean Clams of North America, Burch 1973
  • Bivalves of Wyoming, Mathias