Field Guides


Freshwater Mussels of the Pacific Northwest

2nd Edition, Nedeau et al. 2009. A comprehensive guide to freshwater mussels of the Pacific Northwest including information on their anatomy, life cycle, habitat, and more. Includes several field guides.

Native Freshwater Mussels in the Pacific Northwest is guide, reference, and starting point for organizations to engage citizen scientists work restoration and conservation work.

Xerces Society’s: Conserving our Freshwater Gems. By Emilie Blevins, Laura McMullen, Sarina Jepsen, Michele Blackburn, Aimée Code, and Scott Hoffman Black. This publication provides guidance and resources for a range of topics, from incorporating freshwater mussels into project planning, surveying for mussels, implementing best management practices, and performing salvages and relocations at restoration sites.

Quick Reference Guide to Western Freshwater Mussels A quick reference that’s easy to print and carry. Useful for citizen science projects or community engagement.

British Columbia University of British Columbia – Okanagan Mussel Research

Colorado A field guide to the freshwater mollusks of Colo, Harrold and Guralnick 2010.

Idaho A guide to southern Idaho’s freshwater mollusks, Lysne 2009. An annotated checklist of Idaho land and freshwater mollusks, Frest & Johannes 2001.

Montana Freshwater mussels of Montana, Stagliano 2008. Montana Natural Heritage Program: Aquatic Ecology A directory of reports related to aquatic ecology in the state of Montana.

Washington Freshwater Mussels King County, WA freshwater mussel resource page.

Wyoming look here for a field guide to Wyoming’s freshwater mussels or here to learn about Wyoming freshwater mussel work and help researchers study these amazing creatures. Mackie, G. L. (2007).

Ohio Ohio Biological Survey. Haag W.r. (2012). Biology of Freshwater Corbiculid and Sphaeriid Clams of North America.

North American Freshwater Mussels Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation. Cambridge Press.