Field Guides


2nd Edition, Nedeau et al. 2009. A comprehensive guide to freshwater mussels of the Pacific Northwest including information on their anatomy, life cycle, habitat, and more. Includes several field guides.


A citizen scientists guide to stewardship and environmental education for community-based organizations.


Quick Reference Guide to Western Freshwater Mussels A quick reference that’s easy to print and carry. Useful for citizen science projects or community engagement.

British Columbia University of British Columbia – Okanagan Mussel Research

Colorado A field guide to the freshwater mollusks of Colo, Harrold and Guralnick 2010.

Idaho A guide to southern Idaho’s freshwater mollusks, Lysne 2009. An annotated checklist of Idaho land and freshwater mollusks, Frest & Johannes 2001.

Montana Freshwater mussels of Montana, Stagliano 2008. Montana Natural Heritage Program: Aquatic Ecology A directory of reports related to aquatic ecology in the state of Montana.

Washington Freshwater Mussels King County, WA freshwater mussel resource page.

Wyoming look here for a field guide to Wyoming’s freshwater mussels  or here to learn about Wyoming freshwater mussel work and help researchers study these amazing creatures.