2022 April

PNW Native Freshwater Mussel Workgroup

Quarterly Meeting

Monday, April 11, 2022 1:00 – 2:15 Pacific Time

Zoom Meeting

Attendees: Ralph Lampman, Joel Sauder, Dechen Edwards, Courtney Newlon, Emilie Blevins, Alexa Maine, Rob Plotnikoff, Alyssa Bangs, Al Smith, Julie Harris, Jen Poirier, Lyn Snoddy, Sean Gibbs, Michele Weaver, Stephen Siddons, Carmen Leguizamon, Linnea Gullikson, Ryan Blackadar, Monica Blanchard, Zane Ketchen, Craig Haskell, Marie Windowski, E.D. Dascher, R.D. Nelle, Kat Sarensen, Stephen Bollens, Rebecca Mahan, Linda Nemeth, Bruce Moffatt, Ally Helmig, Julie Campbell Hansen, Matt Piteo, Keith Douville, Bruce Hansen, Keith Aitkins.

PNW Workgroup April 2022 Minutes

Agenda and Minutes:

  • Dechen Edwards (Eastern Washington University) – Presented her M.S. work on the “Life history and microbiome analysis of freshwater fingernail clams (Sphaeriidae) exposed to trace metal pollution”.
  • Cody McCoy – Post Doc at Stanford University. Interested in photosynthesis in freshwater mussels. Asking folks if they have observed freshwater mussels with a greenish tint on the tissue? She is interested in folks submitting samples from across the US. Please reach out to Cody ([email protected]).
  • Western Ridged Mussel SSA (Courtney Newlon) – Emilie mentioned there was a status update request on the Western Ridged mussel SSA. Courtney presented: We are still early in the organization stage, we identified a FWS core team lead from each state and our internal kickoff meeting is next week. Most of you are probably aware that the Dear Interested Parties letter was sent out a few weeks ago, with a request for data submission date of May 17, 2022.  I understand that many folks have plans to collect data this summer and are interested in knowing if that data can be incorporated into the SSA.  This SSA process has a very tight timeline, determined by HQ and once we determine our analysis using available data, it will not be possible to incorporate new data. Depending on the type of data (presence/absence vs. population trend data) there is a high chance we will be able to accept it until later in the summer.  I would ask though if you have plans to collect data this summer and would like it included in the SSA, I would consider collecting earlier than later. Please email me a heads up and I will make note and we may/or may not be able to accommodate.
  • Ralph Lampman (Yakama Nation) asked if there was a seasonal temperature that initiated vertical mussel movement towards the surface. They had PIT tagged mussels and are unable to determine if they are still buried or dead underneath the substrate. Emilie suggested reaching out to Doug Nemeth.
  • Emilie Blevins/Michele Weaver provided an update on the 2023 FMCS Symposium in Portland, OR April 10-14. This will be a hybrid meeting (in-person and online). There will be a need for others to assist with various aspects of putting on this symposium. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to Emilie, Alexa or Patty.
  • CTUIR – Workshops
  • One-day field trip training (May 18, 2022) – One day workshop which will include a virtual presentation and a basic field work training session will be in the Grand Ronde basin. Mussel overview, identification, survey methods, techniques, and tagging.
  • Two-day field trip training (June 13-14, 2022) in the John Day Basin. They would prefer this training be for folks that work or in the John Day basin.
  • Update from Dave Stagliano
    • David Stagliano – Kristin Cook M.S. defense is next week. Studies on the Western Pearlshell and glochidia
  • Update from Dorene MacCoy and Rob Plotnikoff about a workshop with a mussel symposium in Fall of 2022. Stay tuned for more details.

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